Thanks to synchronization of an automatic control system (ACS) and 1C software the manufacturing control at a concrete-mixing plant has become easier and more transparent.

General operational scheme

  • installation of an 1C configuration file, which adds additional synchronization functions (carried out once)
  • creation of a counterparty catalog
  • creation and entry of a “Buyer’s order” document, creation and saving of a “Sold goods and services” document. Total amount of manufactured products is stated in the order, a separate waybill will be created for each truck.
  • starting-up of a concrete-mixing plant ACS, data necessary for concrete-mixing plant operation will be transferred from 1C automatically
  • manufacturing of products
  • automatic data upload from a concrete-mixing plant ACS to 1C, preparation of documentation package for counterparty; automatic forming of accounting entries in 1C
  • automatic filing of  a“Shift production report”

Software special features

  • easy-to-use
  • unified catalogue of commodities and materials
  • unified catalogue of concrete specifications

  • unified catalogue of counterparties
  • automatic creation of actual production documents in 1C

  • impossibility to carry out undocumented shipping
  • 1C automatically deducts materials needed to fulfill an order
  • automatic distribution of tangible and intangible costs in 1C as the products are being produced
  • up-to-date stock balance


  • the Betonmash ACS + 1C subsystem may be used with 1C Enterprise “Bookkeeping for Ukraine, version 8” and 1C Enterprise “Management of a trading enterprise for Ukraine, version 8”
  • the subsystem may be used with 1C products for CIS-countries
  • the subsystem does minor modifications to 1C configuration and may be easily used with later 1C software releases

Andrey Pivovarov
Alexey Liyko
Alexey Baranov
Konstantin Driga

Alexey Baranov
+38 067 623 27 42



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