Relay Control Scheme Modification

Brief description of material accounting software

(based on a PC and WE2110 devices)

Operator enters an order consisting of:

1. Formula. Value for 1 cub. meter of mix
2. Desired volume of mix

3. Additional information (if necessary) needed for completeness of the report.

Example: client, truck number, waybill etc. Additional data (which could or should be entered by operator while entering the order) may be customized at customer’s option.

Materials database is entered into the software (small churning stone, large churning stone, water, M500 cement, M400 cement, bank sand, plasticizer etc). Operator assigns a material to each service bin. Mix formula consists of materials doses, a dose is not attached to a specific service bin. After taking an order the software automatically programs the WE2110 devices depending on which bin contains the material for the formula. If electric equipment is ready to work operator may start automatic operation mode on his PC screen. Accounting software also functions if the concrete-mixing plant works in manual mode.

Software provides easy setup of WE2110 main batching functions: no batchers, fill-up flow (afterspill) etc, as well as password access to weighting devices control.

Example of a report:

This top portion will be filled when printing a detailed report only: date, time, additional information (which may be entered by operator)

Formula: М100

Volume: 1 m3


Acc. to formula

Actual weight

Churning stone, large

1200 kg

1220 kg


100 kg

99 kg

Cement М500

300 kg

301 kg

Bank sand

600 kg

608 kg


2,2 kg

2,2 kg

A summary table containing consumption of all materials with account for preset filters will be drawn at the end.

We suggest two views:

1. Normal. Grouping according to formula. Saves paper.
2. Detailed.

The following filters may be used for printing:

1. date
2. formula name
3. additional information

Any information entered by the software buyer earlier may be included into printout.
Report may be saved in CSV format, which could be opened with EXCEL.

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